Qualifications & Experience

  • Certified in Professional Dog Behaviour Counselling with the Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour
  • Two years of teaching at Pawfect Start
  • Experience with Turid Rugaas on Calming Signals and Stressful Dogs
  • Experience with Ian Dunbar in Canine Aggression
  • Experience with Grisha Stewart on BAT and Reactivity in Dogs

About Cat

About Dog Radical
I set up Dog Radical in 2011 because working with dogs and people, one to one, is all I really want to do. It is a small counselling business for those people who are struggling with their dog's behaviour and are in need of help. All my training is reward-orientated and as hands off as possible. I believe the issue of a lot of today's dog training is not enough understanding, and so I hope to break issues down and find the root of the problem. I also believe this helps dog and owner get back on track towards a fantastic, problem-free relationship.

About Cat
I have grown up in Chester-le-Street, Durham all my life but I am regularly up and down the country at dog shows, training events, seminars and more. I was originally fearful of dogs, so when 5 year old me kept begging for one my parents found it very bizarre. Eventually they gave in, and we welcomed into our home a 9 week old Tibetan Terrier named Dylan.

Unfortunately my family had very little experience with dogs and despite following (some rather uneducated) advice, Dylan was a very stressed dog. He barked at vehicles, other dogs, had no interest in people and had no recall. Any good training they had in the house was completely nonexistent outside! That's when I began learning about dogs, and after joining Waldridge Fell DTS for agility training, I slowly started to see more of a relationship between me and my dog. Unfortunately, Dylan was put to sleep in 2005 because of hereditary problems, but I was determined to keep learning.


"I have known Cat as a positive, sympathetic and knowledgeable trainer for several years, and she has continuously given me fresh perspectives on the behaviour and dynamics within my own group of three dogs, as well as about dog training in general. Her advice is always clear and understandable, and she's always willing to explain and discuss it with me. As I train and compete in agility and flyball with my dogs, I have found Cat's knowledge and familiarity with dog sports invaluable, as she has been able to give me insights that only someone with experience in this area could offer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!" - Leanne Szostak

"I approached Cat to deliver a Behaviour and Puppy talk to my students at Houghall College, with her experience and knowledge on the subjects the talk was very interesting and also was delivered to the students with great subject knowledge and professionalism. I would have no problems in recommending Cat for training classes of dogs of all ages and also for dogs with behaviour problems that need a helping hand. She is very professionsal and has a great passion for her work." - Jemima Hitchin, Houghall College

"I have a young border collie that has a very high chase drive. I began to train her in flyball when her chase drive really kicked in. In training I was struggling to get her to come back to me, she would chase other dogs and all recall was gone. Cat has worked closely with me over the past 9 months to help me overcome her problems. She has given me strategies to work on both in training and at home. I now have a collie that is competing in flyball tournaments running in a ring with many dogs.

Cat has been very professional and very clear with her advice. She has continued to offer me support when further problems have arisen. I have found Cat very approachable and have learnt a lot from her. Her techniques are all reward base something that I was not used to doing. I now feel that I have changed as an owner so my dog is responding to me differently!" - Leanne Hyde